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Healed on Vacation

Feb 2013
AMAZING!!!! I was vacationing from Cleveland, Ohio. I have been miserable for almost 6 months. I was spending all my time and money on doctors, shrinks, massage and diet plans, nothing helped. Having almost canceled my trip, and apparently appearing to my friend in Bradenton like I was on death’s door (and feeling like it most of the time) she pleaded with me to try acupuncture and asked Steve Gooding if he could help me.
I barely made it to his office after a severe panic attack, but forcing myself to try anything to end this. I rambled on about all of my random/unsolvable symptoms for a long while. In a calm, reassuring voice he looked at me and said ”you’re not crazy, I can help you”. Explaining to me which of my organs were not operating properly and why, this made complete sense to me considering all the stress I had been under. And after discovering that I have something as simple as food allergies, my anxiety and stress level have diminished to almost nothing.
I was treated with respect and kindness. I was given herbs and acupuncture, and counseled about what steps to take next. Each treatment helped more. Steve followed through by giving me a list of Acupuncture services in my home town and continued to serve me through phone and email. While the weather was rainy and cold most of my vacation, it was the most productive trip I could have asked for. Upon returning home I also discovered I lost 4 lbs! THANK YOU STEVE GOODING, you saved my health and my sanity….I will forever be grateful.

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