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IBS and Food Allergy Relief

September 2018

I first met Steve at an educational luncheon, they provided at King Middle School 2 years ago. I went for the free lunch and I quickly became very intrigued with their methods and philosophies at the luncheon. As a sufferer of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I had become discouraged with the Western Medicine approach to my ailment. I had stopped taking any of my previously prescribed medicines because they were not providing any relief for my symptoms, but I endured plenty of side effects from the medication. I stopped going to doctors because they wanted to continue to put me through a plethora of medical tests that I had already endured and completed in the past. I just suffered in silence, thinking no one would be able to help me.  

I felt great after my first couple of sessions of acupuncture and I was feeling better most of the time.  Yet, I was still having some flare ups and Steve recommended doing some food sensitivity testing. After I completed the testing, I realized some of the foods, I was eating were causing me digestive issues. Some of those foods included Sweet Potato, Ginger Root, Wild Rice, Zucchini and Squash, and Fennel Seed. These results were surprising results especially since these are considered healthier foods and I was eating them in abundance. Yet these foods were contributing to my flare ups. I have avoided these problematic foods, and my flare ups have decreased dramatically. With acupuncture and food sensitivity testing results, I am enjoying a much higher quality of life with far less flare ups. For these reasons, I highly recommend Good Life Healing Center and their alternative to traditional Western Medicine.

– Kyle Holt


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