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Intestines & Weight Loss (Mood)


I was in agony with severe, debilitating intestinal distress for my entire life. 50 yrs of being terrified to go to large events where ready access to the restroom was not a guarantee. Every time I left the house the first thing I needed to know wherever I went was “where’s the bathrooms”? I bounced from fit and thin at 128lbs to soaring up to almost 200 at some points in my adult life. There were bouts of agonizing pain, bloating, explosive diarrhea. I saw numerous Drs who ran endless tests, costing me a fortune with no answers…. other than “its in your head”.  I finally diagnosed my self or so I thought, as having IBS.

No matter how little I ate, or how many diet plans I tried, losing weight was a battle. Even thin, I never had flat abs. The older I got, the worse the battle got. Giving up at some points on ever being thin again. Figuring my health and mood were doomed to be poor forever.

After starting to see Physician Steve Gooding for “stress related symptoms” regarding work, he began addressing these other issues as well. I remember him saying   “give me a year and you will feel the best you have ever felt in your life”.  I thought “wow, this Dr has lofty goals, no one has ever fixed any of my problems my entire life”.   Boy was I wrong.   After being told point blank by him I was not crazy as the other Drs thought when they couldn’t come up with any answers for me.  I had food allergies, sensitivities, and needed to change what I ate, how I ate, and take some herbs….. the progress was noticeable immediately. (read a book, follow the food plan in it, take herbs, really? it has been that simple for 5 decades? why did no one else know?)

Happy to say, no intestinal distress, down to a fit and trim 133lbs (losing 60lbs in less than a year), with a huge bonus of relieving my severe bouts of depression as well…… have more energy than ever in my life.

And yes, still unbelievable to me, I walked into this man’s office at the 9 1/2 month marker and said “it didn’t take a year, you were right, this is the best I have ever felt in my life!!!”

Recommend this practice to everyone I talk to, literally.

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