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What is acupuncture good for?

Acupuncture bradentonThis is the most frequent question I am asked by those considering treatment in my clinic. The short and simple answer to this million dollar question is “Acupuncture is good for everything!”

The long and thoughtful answer takes into account that, with acupuncture, some conditions respond quickly and some get better slowly over time. Also, each condition and person varies in how much initial and then maintenance treatment is needed. Sometimes, herbal medicine plus acupuncture together are a better solution and sometimes other techniques like deep tissue laser therapy, chiropractic adjustment and yes even modern antibiotics are in your best interest.

Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal medicine are the oldest continuously practiced forms of medicine that exist.  Acupuncture has been actively used for 2500 years and herbal medicine for as long as 4500 years.  They were developed and practiced separately until the mid 1900s — acupuncture in northern China where the climate was cool and plant life limited, and Herbal medicine in the south where the weather supports diverse and abundant plant life much of the year. Consequently, each form of medicine is a complete, comprehensive modality that was practiced as a stand-alone form of healthcare in its respective geography.

No matter what your ailment, if you lived in northern China you would be treated with acupuncture techniques that had been developed and used for your problem for hundreds or even thousands of years.

The best questions for you as a potential patient to ask your practitioner about acupuncture for your condition are: How much will it help? How fast will it help? And how much will it cost now and down the road? These questions can only be answered after the practitioner learns more about you and the details of your condition. Good medicine is always customized for your individual needs.  That is why an important part of my practice is the free initial consultation I offer to every new patient, at my Bradenton (LWR) and St. Petersburg offices.

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