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No Need For Surgery!

After hearing good things about acupuncture and Steve Gooding from many of my co-workers, I had decided to make an appointment to deal with long standing pain issues due to Spinal Stenosis and Arthritis in my hips. A new injury resulting in need for an MRI showing a bulging disc pressing on my Sciatic nerve, caused me to reach Steve in an emergency situation. I was advised by the surgeon this problem would probably require surgery in the near future. Steve fit me into an appointment, especially difficult as this was the busy Holiday season. He immediately assessed my pain and began treatment with acupuncture and laser therapy. As I couldn’t walk without aid, we began with 2 treatments per week. The relieve from pain was immediate during treatment and became less and less as the treatments continued. As the pain subsided and I was able to move more freely, I was able to come in once per week.
At this time, after 5 months of treatment, the disc problem has been resolved, and there is no need for surgery. I now go to Steve for maintenance on my other back issues, as well as stress relief.
I cannot express enough my gratitude and appreciation to Steve Gooding for the care I receive. He always finds time to listen to his patient, asks questions necessary for the care needed, and most important, brings me the relief I need. I highly recommend Steve and acupuncture, as well as laser therapy at Good Life Healing Center.

Diann Minero, Braden River Middle School

941-301-8485 Directions