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Chemo Relief

If you are reading this, then you must be considering acupuncture. Great! You may be wondering, is this REALLY worth my time and money, will I like the Acupuncturist, is his staff friendly and easy to work with and is the facility clean? The answer is yes, to all the above.
My mother has been seeing Steve Gooding at Good Life Healing Center over a couple of years now with much success in helping to aid her with her cancer symptoms. She comments all the time that between Fran, her Massage Therapist and Steve Gooding, her Acupuncture Physician, that they are keeping her on her feet.
When I recently was diagnosed with Breast Cancer I knew I would need help in dealing with all the toxins and nasty side effects that come with chemotherapy and my mother encouraged me to go and see Steve. My husband and I went during one of my mother’s visits. Steve was very patient and listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions, as well as providing me with some additional questions or things to consider/talk with my Oncologist about. Even my Oncologist was pleased to hear that I would be pursing Acupuncture during my treatments.
So, I just completed my third visit with Steve. Upon each visit he asks how my week was and I list out all the issues I had/am having. This helps him to pin point what areas I may need more focus on. Each time I go I feel/experience something different. He will explain to you what this needle will do/help with and what feeling(s) I may experience. It’s amazing.
If you are concerned with pain, let me say that having blood drawn or getting a shot is more painful than this. Almost every needle that I get, I can’t even feel. The few that I do feel are so minor it’s hardly worth mentioning. Also, this is not like you see on T.V. or in the movies where people have dozens of needles all over them. I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 6 or 7 in me at one time. You lay quietly on the table in a very peaceful setting while he is lightly tapping them into place, he’ll leave the room and come back in 15 minutes to see how you are feeling. Sometimes, things may still be working, so he will come back in 5-10 more minutes. You are never rushed. He wants to ensure that your body has had time to respond to the acupuncture. It’s amazing to me every time.
I was especially surprised at one time I had gone in with a headache and the treatment he did not only relieved the headache in about 15 minutes but it stayed away for a week. Working in front of a computer every day, I almost always have some sort of a slight headache at the end of the day. I think the only reason why after one week it came back was due to my allergies that morning.
The facility is very clean and relaxing. My husband and I arrived a little early for my last appointment and I started to fall asleep out front it was just so calming. The husband of another patient sitting out front with us, did actually fall asleep.
My advice to anyone reading this—go and talk with Steve Gooding. Meet him. Get your questions answered. You’ll be glad you did!

K.S. Sarasota, FL

941-301-8485 Directions