More than just needles!

July 2017

The very BEST procedure I ever tried to eliminate pain as a result of a car accident and a bathtub fall. I’m so relaxed once the needles are all in that most times I fall asleep and feel like I’m in a different zone.… Read the rest

Physical and Mental Healing

April 2017

My experience with Dr. Gooding and Dr. Hoffman at Good Life Healing Center has been therapeutic both mentally and physically. I have been experiencing chronic pain for years and finally decided to incorporate acupuncture into my life. This eastern approach toward healing the body along with modern medicine seem to be the solution I have been searching so desperately for.… Read the rest

Very Pleased

November 30, 2016

I am so pleased to have found Good Life Healing. I have had serious back problems for many years. Was told by other doctors that there was nothing that could be done to help me. I have received 6 acupuncture treatments and am now starting to see results with less pain.… Read the rest

No More Arthritis Pain

September 21, 2016

There seldom is a week that passes when I don’t have an opportunity to share my positive experiences about Good Life Healing Center. I had never tried acupuncture and honestly only went to the first session to support a work colleague who had scheduled this opportunity.… Read the rest

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