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I suffered greatly with many symptoms of the Herpes virus for over 3 decades. (Medical Doctors are sadly not educated regarding the details of this skin condition. Information is not openly discussed and is often inaccurate. And the commonly used drugs often have horrible side effects.) After toughing thru endless bouts of reoccurring symptoms, I found Good Life Healing Center. I am eternally grateful for the dedication of this practice and the Physician treating me. I felt perfectly comfortable discussing this. I was treated with kindness, compassion, professionalism and a willingness to try anything to help me. Even though the virus still lives dormant in my body, I am finally symptom free, pain free, at peace, for 2 YEARS and counting. Acupuncture and herbs were the answer for me. Anyone who has this virus, should seek this practice out.

The recent facts are that 75% of the population in the US has one of the strains of the herpes virus and 80% of those people DO NOT KNOW they carry this virus in their bodies.  The CDC’s stance is – since it is so common & you can’t die from it, it is NOT even tested on the Standard STD Panel – you must specifically ask for it. Even people trying to be responsible by practicing safer sex, are left unaware. The common misconception is that sexual activity is the only way to spread this.

The mass majority of people with “cold sores” are passing the herpes virus without even knowing it. It is spread by skin-to-skin contact (even when there are no outward visible signs).  It doesn’t matter the age of the other person nor location it transmits to on that person’s body.  Cold sores are HERPES, too. So, yes, grandma can give your 3yr old child this virus unknowingly. There are numerous strains of the Herpes Virus with the potential to surface on any part of the human body. Unbelievable to imagine with the HUGE stigma surrounding it, but most people do not display many of the symptoms or at least not after the initial onset.

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