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Acupuncture has helped me Tremendously!

I have been seeing Steve Gooding at Good Life Healing Center for a couple of years now. First of all I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable, kind and professional Steve is. He definitely knows his stuff! Of course I was skeptical at first to try acupuncture, but I had been suffering from horrific back pain for years and nothing was making me feel better. So I thought I would give it a shot and it worked! Acupuncture along with the laser treatment helped to relieve me from my lower back and neck pain. After a few treatments I also noticed that I was having shorter and lighter menstrual cycles and fewer cramps. So Steve began treating me for that as well. He has also continued to treat me during my pregnancy for my morning/ all day sickness the last few months. I have tried several things to help with my nauseousness and the thing that has worked the best is acupuncture. He also prescribed some Chinese Herbs to help as well and since I have been taking them I have been able to keep my food down more frequently. I am so thankful that Steve has this talent and that he is using it to help people with so many ailments. It’s amazing to me how useful acupuncture is. I highly recommend Steve and acupuncture!!

Carmen H. – Sarasota, FL

941-301-8485 Directions