Contour Elite Services

Laser Sculpt Lipo . Therma Lift . Ultrasonics

Non Surgical Cosmetic Services Hours Monday – Friday 9:00 aM to 6:00 PM

Contour Elite is a technology that offers painless, non-surgical procedures for facial rejuvenation, targeted body sculpting, fat loss and skin tightening.


All three procedures offer

  • Instant results anywhere on your body.
  • Immediate return to normal activities –  no down time.
  • Perfect for all ethnicities and skin tones.

Laser Lipo and Ultrasonics

  • Reduces targeted fat and cellulite.
  • Silky smooth appearance in thighs, back, waist, hips, and abdomen.
  • Permanently destroys fat cells for your body to metabolize naturally.
  • Can also be used to treat under chin, arms and calves.

Therma Lift

  • Painless face-lift procedure that last up to 18 months.
  • Similar skin tightening results as a tummy tuck.
  • Replaces painful fillers, injections and surgeries.
  • Builds up your skins collagen and elastin, producing a beautiful glow.

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